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Large Photo Booth Build This Photo Booth!
Finished Dimensions for this Photo Booth are:

Top - 23"W x 11-3/4"D x 35"H
Bottom - 23"W x 15"D x 35"H
For this Photo Booth order Aluminum As Follows:
1 ea. RH-1175 3/8" Tongue in Groove Cut 3/3/3/3
4 ea. RH-3107 3/8" Double Angle Cut 4/4/2
6 ea. RH-3173 3/8" U-Cap Cut 3/3/3/1

Sizes, specific items and quantities may change depending on your individual design.

Refer to our DIY Road Case Videos for basic construction details.

Items Used to Construct This Photobooth Shell

RH-1175 3/8" Aluminum Tongue in Groove Valance (quantity 1 ea.)

RH-3107 3/8" Double Angle Aluminum (quantity 4 ea.)

RH-3173 3/8" Aluminum U-Cap (quantity 6 ea.)

Medium Recessed Handles (quantity 6 ea.)

Large Recessed Latches, Offset (quantity 4 ea.)

2' x 35" Piano Hinge (quantity 2 ea.)

Large Flat Corners (quantity 8 ea.)

6-Hole Offset Clamp (quantity 8 ea.)

Medium Recessed Latches w/Dowel (quantity 5 ea.)

Large Valance Spanning Latch (quantity 2 ea.)

Valance Spanning Keepers (quantity 2 ea.)

ABS Laminate Flag Blue (quantity 2 sheets)

ABS Laminate Black (quantity 1 sheet)

Reliable Hardware Hi Temp Adhesive  (quantity 3 ea.)

Bag of 50 3/8" Pop Rivets (quantity 9 ea.)

Bag of 50 Back-up Washers (quantity 9 ea.)

4" Port Tube (quantity 1 ea.)

Rubber Foot (quantity 8 ea.)

Suggested Items


Pneumatic Rivet Gun