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You've asked and we've responded - Project Pictures now has it's own Facebook page! If you're simply replacing a couple of latches, installing a Custom Speaker Grill or building a new Road Case, Speaker Box or Rack, we'd like you to post your pictures and tell us about your project. Project progress shots are great - before and after shots of a repair are terrific too. If you've got a DIY video post it - people want to know and learn.
 Or, if you simply want to see what others have done and get some great ideas, the images on this page as well as our Facebook page are just for you.


If you don't have a Facebook account it's easy to set one up - the Facebook icon above will take you to the Facebook Project Pictures page. From there you can set up your account. If you don't want to set one up simply E-mail your Project Pictures to and we'll post them on Facebook for you. New builds or before-and-after pictures of an existing item will work. By submitting your pictures you agree that we may edit (crop) and enhance (adjust color and brightness) as necessary before posting. This address is for pictures only - for other correspondence please use the Contact Us button on the toolbar above.
Mobile Band Sound System Transport

Dave Chittum's assignment was to build a rolling sound system for the Band and Drill Team at West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch, California. The challenge was to design a unit that would hold a complete sound system, could be moved quickly across a dirt or turf field, rapidly set up for performance and just as swiftly be taken away and stored in an equipment trailer.

The design includes an A3000Offset and a A3015Offset Pad-Lockable Latch for security. #0607 Clamps hold the #1171 1-1/2'' Break-Apart Tongue in Groove and #3070 Aluminum Angle securely. Openings in the door area are finished with #3174 U-Cap. Large pneumatic casters were special ordered for Dave's application.

Dave decided on 1/2'' plywood covered with #3500BK Black ABS Laminate. The lid is hinged using a #1222 2'' Open Piano Hinge. Heavy duty #1500 Ball Corners and #0520 Large Recessed Case Handles (top image) make this unit tough, durable and capable of use for many seasons to come.

Dave looks as pleased with his project as Reliable Hardware Company is to have been a part of its creation.

Tilt Caster Installation


This DIY 2x12 enclosure is a great example of how to put a couple of weekends to great use and save a bundle of money at the same time.

This view shows 1520TB Textured Black Cabinet Corners along with 0580BK Heavy Duty Strap Handles.

Prior to installing the 9024BK Black Tilt Casters the builder measured for the openings and simply used a hand saw to cut the openings and a wood chissel (actually a wide blade screwdriver!) to finish the detail.


9024BK's were attached with 5134BO Black Screws as were the 1520TB Black Cabinet Corners. Note the 1606 Rubber Feet installed opposite each wheel - these let the cabinet sit level.

Custom Amp


Cliff Wilson designs and builds amps and enclosures. A Reliable Hardware Company customer for some time, he has sent us a sample of his latest work - a Custom Amp covered with snake skin fabric beautifully finished with his unique flair.

The rear view or this model shows controls for the amp, 0511BK Black Recessed Handle, 0580BK Black Strap Handle and 1530TB Black Powder Coat Corners.

Cliff also designed and built this unit featuring the same snake skin fabric.

Shown here are1520 Nickel Wrap Around Cabinet Corners, an0580 Heavy Duty Handle, and a Custom Speaker Grill. The unit sits on 0655 Rubber Feet.

This rear view of the unit above shows a great pride in detail work - all surfaces are covered in the same fabric.

We appreciate you sharing your pictures Chris - beautiful work!

Custom Wooden Speaker Cabinet 


Stacey White of Lake Placid, Florida has turned some wood and a few components into a fine looking, well functioning piece of equipment - the black hardware highlights the wood beautifully.

1270BO Small Black Cabinet Corners, a 4000-10 Speaker Grill attached with 4000 Grill Clamps and an 0585BO Black Strap Handle are all secured with 5112BO Black Wood Screws.

Rear view shows the 3009 2'' Diameter Jack Plate and 3010 Mono 1/4'' Jack. Stacey designed his enclosure with a removable back panel for easy access inside components.

Enclosure, Amp, Effects Pedal and Mic make a great looking combination - well done Stacey.

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