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E-mail your Project Pictures (high-rez jpg's please). Pictures of a new build or before-and-after pictures of an existing item will work. By submitting your pictures you agree that we may edit (crop) and enhance (adjust color and brightness) as necessary for posting on this site. This address is for pictures only - for other correspondence please use the Contact Us button on the toolbar above.

Wood Photo Equipment Box

Tim Adams of Salem, Oregon needed a road worthy box to carry his photo equipment. Unable to find a stock box that met his expectations he decided to build his own

The box measures 11''x22-5/8''x19'' high and is constructed from 1/2'' plywood purchased from a Lowe's near Tim's home.The finish is Minwax ''Early American 230''.

This view also shows the #A3000 Large Recessed Twist Latch and one of the #0510 Medium Recessed Handles.

This is a great 3/4 rear view showing details of the #1500 Ball Corners, #1858 Stop Hinge, #0510 Medium Recessed Handle, #0600 Clamps and #1570 C  Corners Tim used at the top of the body to serve as a combination corner-clamp and top edge protector.This is the first time we've seen that application and we think it is brilliant!

Tim tells us that the hardest part of his project was routing the area for the #0510 Medium Recessed Handles. He reports that the other hardware was a snap including the #1858 Stop Hinges that keep the lid from flopping over.

This box was designed to hold the light and power packs, cables and other assorted gadgets required for Tim's work. Beautifully done Tim!

Removable Caster Plate Retrofit

Grant Johnson, aka Gruntollio Basswall from Australia, selected our 3-1/2'' #9002-BLUE Pro Series Casters and #9009 Removable Caster Plates to make his Eden 410XST and 410XLT efficiently mobile.

This shot gives an overview of the task - remove the damaged plug-in caster sockets (note the empty hole on the far right) and attach the #9009 Large Removable Caster Plates.

With the Removable Caster Plates installed the Pro Series Casters are easily installed for transport and removed on location for performance.

For more details on Grant's project visit his posts on Eden's Electronic Forum.

This simple project illustrates an easy way to improve the quality of your equipment. ''Roll n Rock'' says Grant - Reliable Hardware says ''Thanks again for the pictures.''

Wooden Music Case

Jim Lancaster is a woodworker and a keyboard player. As his old music case was worn out he decided it was time to upgrade to something he wouldn't mind showing off.

Jim used baltic birch plywood and black hardware to highlight the project. #2510BK Latches, #0511BK Medium Recessed Handles and #1225BO Black Take Apart Hinges certaily do add the touch of quality Jim was looking for

The trays are made of white oak and stack neatly inside for added storage.

A special note of thanks to Jim's 15 year old son Matthew for creating the perfect pictures.

Boom Box

Gregg Porter decided it was time to convert his spare car stereo components into something useful that was pratical - a boom box. He tells us that the idea grew somethat beyond his original intent but turned out to be a hit with the rest of the guys on the construction site as well as at weekend BBQ's with friends.

He calls it "a party in a box" designed specifically to drive an MP3 player (Ipod).

Reliable Hardware Company was the source for 4-Foot-Gray-Carpet and #1610 HDPE Stacking Chevron Corners and a pair of #0592.2  2''x2'' Port Tubes to extend the bass.

Then on to the components - 2 6x9 stereo speakers, a 240 watt amp and battery charger found in box in his garage with various screws, nuts & bolts and a couple of handles.

The finishing touch to Gregg's boom box was a shower bar handle which is Nylok back bolted to the top and suitable for chaining to something secure.

Gregg says he gets a lot of ''make me one'' requests - it's easy to see why.