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E-mail your Project Pictures (high-rez jpg's please). Pictures of a new build or before-and-after pictures of an existing item will work. By submitting your pictures you agree that we may edit (crop) and enhance (adjust color and brightness) as necessary for posting on this site. This address is for pictures only - for other correspondence please use the Contact Us button on the toolbar above.

Mobile Sound System

Dave Chittum's assignment was to build a rolling sound system for the Band and Drill Team at West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch, California. The challenge was to design a unit that would hold a complete sound system, could be moved quickly across a dirt or turf field, rapidly set up for performance and just as swiftly be taken away and stored in an equipment trailer.

The design includes an A3000Offset and a A3015Offset Pad-Lockable Latch for security. #0607 Clamps hold the #1171 1-1/2'' Break-Apart Tongue in Groove and #3070 Aluminum Angle securely. Openings in the door area are finished with #3174 U-Cap. Large pneumatic casters were special ordered for Dave's application.

Dave decided on 1/2'' plywood covered with #3500BK Black ABS Laminate. The lid is hinged using a #1222 2'' Open Piano Hinge. Heavy duty #1500 Ball Corners and #0520 Large Recessed Case Handles (top image) make this unit tough, durable and capable of use for many seasons to come.

Dave looks as pleased with his project as Reliable Hardware Company is to have been a part of its creation.

Road Case/Speaker Enclosure

Daniel Hurt of Park Hills, Missouri combined the durability of ATA Road Case construction with a well designed speaker enclosure for perfect bass acoustic features.

Design includes a Custom Speaker Grill framed by #3130 Aluminum Angle finished off with #1500C Notched Ball Corners. The unit rolls on #9005.21  2-1/2'' Plug-in Casters and #9006.1 Black Caster Sockets.

This view of Daniel's project shows one of the #0532F Surface Mount Chest Handles, #0651 Rubber Feet and #1500 Ball Corners on the rear.

This 3/4 rear view shows #3500BK Black ABS Laminate and Jack Plate installation. Daniel's amp sits on the top.

Daniel has cone an excellent job combining road case hardware, a custom speaker grill and his need for a durable, heavy duty speaker cabinet into a truly unique enclosure.

Nice job Daniel.

Rack Enclosure

Andy Robinson of AR Productions designed and built a beautifully functionable Rack Case. Removable top, front and rear doors provide clear access and plentiful ventilation. Note the #A2056 Valance Spanning Latches, #0511 Recessed Case Handles,#1175 Break-Apart Tongue in Groove and #1173 Pre-Punched Aluminum reinforced by #0600 Clamps at the corners.

#1570 Corners were used top and bottom. #2392 Twist Latches are used to hold front and rear doors in position. Andy's unit rolls easily on #9000-BLUE 4'' Swivel Casters.

This view, with the top removed, shows Andy's mixer seated securely for transit. Note how the #0600 Clamps tie the #1175 Break-Apart Tongue in Groove and the #1173 Pre-Punched Aluminum together.

The use of #3500DB ABS Laminate adds a great look.

This view shows 4-FOOT-GREY CARPET on the insides of the doors and the Rack Rail for mounting components. Andy made a caster board supported on #9000-BLUE Swivel Casters - the main rack is attached to the caster board for added strength and stability.

Way to go Andy.

8x10 Bass Cabinet

David Leach from Lawrenceville, GA wasn't messing around when he built this behemoth 8x10 bass guitar cabinet. Unable to locate the ultimate bass guitar cabinet to suit his needs he had only one alternative - build it himself.

When the cabinet was finished and loaded he selected a Custom Speaker Grill from Reliable Hardware Company for the finishing touch.

This view of David's project shows the speaker mounting detail using rubber feet as spacers and vibration dampeners.

The speaker grill measures 47-3/4'' s 23-3/4'' and has a 1/2'' flange on all 4 sides. David reports that the speaker grill fit perfectly and, because he took the time and care to mount it properly, it does not rattle even when he cranks up the bass.

This detail shows the #3152 Grill Material. More important is the coating David used for his project. He wanted something more durable than carpet and selected Dupli color Truck Bed Coating.  The manufacturer states that  this material is extremly durable and may be brushed, rolled or sprayed on.

Our thanks to David for sharing his project - way to go David.

Tilt Caster Installation

Warren Keeton sent 24 pictures detailing the building of his Road Case. It was designed to transport and protect a large Plasma Screen - this sequence details the installation of 9027 Tilt Casters.

After cutting out the corner of the case and securing the Tilt Casters in position Warren bent some metal to 90 degrees to provide extra reinforcement in the areas adjacent to the Tilt Casters. Our 0607 14 ga. Steel Clamps would serve as time saving alternative for this application.

 ATA Road Case Tough - Anatomy of a Corner

From the outside in  9027 Tilt Caster + 3150 1-1/2'' Aluminum Angle + 3500BK Black ABS laminated to 1/2'' plywood + 0607 14 ga. Steel Clamps all held together with 5016 Pop Rivets = an extremely strong, durable structure.

A3000Offset Recessed Latches,0520 Large Recessed Handles, 1500 Large Ball Corners,3150 1-1/2'' Aluminum Angle, 1171 1/2'' Aluminum Tongue in Groove Valance, 9027 Corner Tilt Casters, 3500BK ABS and 5016 Pop Rivets for 1/2'' plywood construction - we'll describe installation of these items plus many more on future Project Picture pages featuring Warren's work.

A special thanks to Warren for providing such detailed pictures!