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Reliable Hardware Hi-Temp Heavy Duty Adhesive - RH-092A - Ships Ground Only

Hi Temp, Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive formulated for use with TOLEX, Speaker Carpet, ELE Foam, ETHA Foam, ABS Laminates and Wood.
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Product Description

Watch Videos for Test Applications of
Reliable Hardware Spray Adhesive
to ABS, Tolex and Road Case Carpet

Click here for Test Videos

* Brand New Label - Same Great Product - Original Formula
Bonds to Tolex, Fused Latex Back Speaker Carpet, ELE Foam, ETHA Foam, ABS Laminate, Wood and Plastic
* Short 5 Minute Tack-Time
* Up to 1 Hour Working Time
* Maximum Bond After 24 Hours
* Usage: Generally 1 can to bond one sheet of ABS to one sheet of 4 x 8 plywood or about 64 sq./ft.
* Ground Shipment Only - No Shipments to Alaska, Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, or Countries Outside of the USA

* Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
* Tolex and Carpet Shown Below
* Click here for ABS Laminates
* Click here for ELE Foam and ETHA Foam

Product Reviews

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Frustrating application
Dave (Oregon) 4/10/2021 4:49 PM
I was hopeful watching the nice video on applying speaker covering. Bought several cans of adhesive. The problem is in the application - specifically the SPRAY pattern/spray nozzle... I did not get a nice wide even spray - rather more of a narrow, uneven "squirt". I suppose some nozzles work better than others. Unfortunately the glue pattern remained visible as "bumps" showing through the tolex - not what I was hoping for/disappointing. They should probably include a vew spare nozzles to try till you get a good one; not to mention if you don't use the whole can in one session. I would love some water soluble, roll on adhesive which I could apply evenly. I had previously already ripped off one try using another product, destroying the covering, and having to acetone/sand off the old glue. Then this. Frustrated. Recommendation: test the spray pattern first !